Scholarship holder Hayk Hekekyan became a laureate of an international contest

20 May 2021

‘’Music for Future’’ scholarship holder, a young oboe player Hayk Hekekyan became the 1st degree laureate in an international contest.

A young oboe player Hayk Hekekyan, who is a scholarship holder of the ''Music for Future'' Foundation, became a laureate of the international ''Silk Road'' online contest, held in the Russian Federation and dedicated to Sergei Prokofiev․

Hayk Hekekyan became the 1st degree laureate in the "Brass Instruments" category, which allows him to participate in the Grand Final Competition in Kolomna, Russia.

Hayk Hekekyan studies at Yerevan Sayat-Nova Music School, in the class of teacher Harutyun Shakhkyan.

The aim of the competition is to develop the performance skills of children and young people, identify and encourage talented pupils and students, plan their further creative career, and strengthen creative cooperation between countries.